Orwellian Times

Giving up television a few years ago was accidentally one of the easiest things I have ever done. I am not trying to stand on a soap box here as most of these extra hours were spent at pubs and on hangovers from long nights out in Queenstown, New Zealand. A magical mountain village in which beer can be consumed in public until 10 PM and the local establishments are open until 4 AM, except for public holidays, of course, those are spent drinking at home with your mates.

In between heavy benders and toga parties at the University of the Sunshine Coast, another majestic scene. Imagine a college campus in which Kangaroos roam freely, they are just called Wallabies. Surfing is on the offered curriculum.

Striding aside these furry marsupials who seem to mix in more naps than me are a fleet of pissed up 18 year olds, as that is the legal age one can attend war and the bar. I was just reliving glory days and learning to surf, skateboard, snowboard and make cocktails. Childish right?

Since returning home after four years away it seems everyone is busier, materials cost more, exercise looks a thing of the past while Monsanto keeps our sugar content high, farmer’s profits low and weeds non-existent.

Many young men and women are busy affording mortgages in inflated housing markets. My sister is under a great deal of stress relating to the wedding she is planning. Busy making sure each detail is meticulously organized. In between episodes of Pretty Little Liars we discussed… I can’t remember, she told me to go away while her show was on.

Has anyone ever read the George Orwell classic, 1984? Me neither, I listened to it on Audible, having no lamp in my tent the story telling and sleep timer were outstanding. I also recommend Catch 22, Huckleberry Finn or even the Alchemist if you are as overtly optimistic as I.

People were telling me to improve my listening skills, if you don’t know me, this is a nice way of my family and friends saying I talk too much. Membership to this Amazon based application has really paid off, I am now able to pretend I am not making sarcastic jokes inside my head for much longer while I watch people’s mouths move up and down speaking about the latest sitcom or Bachelorette episode their perfect evening hangs upon.

After studying neuroscience and marketing in college I can’t help but notice the commercials are mostly getting it wrong, and they still work. We are being manipulated by the powers at be. The same structures funneling employees inside cubed boxes and centrally banked currency up pyramidal financial structures at which the God’s whom sit atop seem to be shoving all their profits inside Pandora’s pretty little box, unseen again in this economy.

Granted, the beau guarding of all this gold seems to tell me she’s come down with some sort of dragon infection and I hope it’s the curable kind…

I try not to praise obese mouth breathers as out of shape as that guy who might survive coronary disease long enough to finish his tales of ice and fire so HBO can slice them into 53 minute pornographic telenovelas to distract the masses, and yes I do enjoy GOT.

This being said, Michael Moore’s algebra appears slightly lacking according to my maths. I believe it stands to reason that 0.9% of that evil 1% are just as afraid of this IMAGINARY¬†resource we dictate USD’s running out with the rest of us. Call it greed or the Jones’s fault; meanwhile they are being taxed out every orpheus, all the while mounting their mobiles on all modes of transportation; as their clock doesn’t time out.

Obviously, reappropriating funds, streamlining 3rd party healthcare and insurance systems while destitute able humans create solar powered organic farms and housing centers near them. Leading a dispersion of major cities. All the while providing efficient and economic public transportation coordinated through GPS and sun powered magnets, after, legalizing illicit substances as to avoid black markets and drug feuds. Thus allowing us to minimize law enforcement in the abandoned ghetto districts. Saving us valuable pesos spent on building new prisons in Texas.

You’re right, this will never work while we are spending 6 trillion dollars in the Middle East paying off privatized defense contracts, while securing foreign oil and centralizing their banking. ISIS is a bunch of assholes anyway.

The real tragedy is displayed in the cutting of necessary funding and basic salaries inside our underpowered education systems; luckily, children have smart phones, their futures are secure. As long as we can keep loaning money from our Big Brothers Northwest of Taiwan, essentially selling America into debt. If only there was Democracy.

I am actually very happy the 0.01% of wealthy families worked so hard to build this America on a strong foundation of slavery and deferment of taxes. So today their overpowered and under skilled offspring can be in charge. Possibly now apocalypse shall come sooner than expected. Planet earth is about ready to tear off the literal Band-Aid that is our human race. Thank goodness we have been able pharmaceuticalize plastic and trail our cumulonimbus chemically, now we control the weather. Soon icebergs could grow back. My only fear is when the giant Armageddon strikes… We will truly be left wondering why there’s no more data to find our Pokemon Go’s.

The Waltons and Rothchildren of this world are doing better than ever at separating themselves from the society they enslaved. Quickly to the yachts and jet planes, before we learn all of their names.

I digress, the safest place to hide from plebeians; an exquisite bomb shelter built inside mountains all over the History channel. Hopefully nothing will erupt if the earth quakes.

I may have only taken Economics 201 but it is surprising to me how citizens who pay taxes and work jobs spend hard earned Washington’s back into the world’s largest Ponzi scheme. A governance of the people by the largest multi-national banks, corporations and conglomerates ever formed. Dodging every possible law against monopoly or just underwriting existing policy (see usage of Verizon Wireless towers on Wal-Mart Straight Talk); while paying lower taxes than any individual proprietorship or LLC.

The term for this is: Corporate Oligarchy. Please let us familiarize ourselves with this new government: built by the corporations for the multi-nationals. 

It is simply a whole new world order, like Walt D., let’s hear the story of Aladdin, I always fell asleep. Literally, my parents put this one on and I would get upset because nap was written on the living room walls in red Crayola. After further research, it goes something like this.

We are all pieces of our own debt, one way out, spend like thieves or Jews (if you subscribe to golden rules).

The wise people of Jerusalem figured out long ago, if they only spend their gold coins and silver pence on their family’s businesses; their family will retain maximum monetary means and gain other dollars spent at their establishments by remaining Israelites, thus increasing Jewish net worth and persecution.

In my personal opinion, small business expansion and a heightened presence of consumer responsibility will affect the overall disbursement of corporate assholishness and aid population dispersion across land masses which may be needed to save our favorite planet. Which leads me to one concluding enquiry…

Is anyone else scared that many people can only afford to shop at Wal-Mart?


Courtesy Quotes:

We vote with our dollars everyday, this is truly our greatest power; well besides social media and Pokemon Go, two things saving the world one selfie at a time.

While voting for liberals at this years election I will remember to avoid “hanging Chads”, because every vote counts.. Bad joke, 9/11, too soon?

Two feet and a heartbeat


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