Conga Chuesday

“Appreciate the fact that you got a job…” Slug speaks on this concept to all his friends in a track “Freefallin'” if you would like to do your own research I prefer “Get Fly” to the former, although I can never remember my favorite Atmosphere chune, it seems to change.


When it comes to the opposite of having employment, I am enjoying the two opportunities for cash work I have found in Minneapolis. It is excellent to only need to show up somewhere and get paid. Even if I have to bike 10 miles to get there, no gym membership necessary, save money, save time.
Of course there is much more to the art of remaining employed than simply showing up. A positive attitude and the ability to come prepared on time every time is essential for career advancement. My second position is technically independent contracting for a contractor flipping houses. I have been lucky with landscaping, I get to show up whenever, only because when I am there I make shit look pretty, well and I am getting underpaid. The same is true with Entrepreneurship, except so far at that one I put in more hours and have not yet been paid. Well, The Mercedes Soap Wagon came at a nice price. This bottle is TM; only because I do not believe in patents and I can not afford one.
Monday and Tuesday nights Bartending at Conga in NE Minneapolis is an opportunity for Marketing as their regulars on these evenings have dwindled. I am planning an Open Mic Monday and Tinder Networking Taco Two for 1 Tuesday. Currently, asking them to bring the wifi upstairs, mostly so I can Snapchat about soap cocktails. Please feel free to stop by for a conversation in Spanglish, $1.50 tacos and 2 for 1’s from 5-7 or 10-midnight. I am willing to tell jokes for free, I don’t like to work for tips; one.


There is a book written by Seth Godin, I highly recommend glancing at this one (made ya look?). The authors central statement is “A person’s art is everything they do all day long.” I felt like I understood this concept at a young age, mostly because I have problems leaving a task half completed or performed inefficiently. In Australia, these tendencies will land a mate with a most disdained nickname, Half-Job. I found this one in the two dollar section of Savers, our favorite shopping center in Maui, well Cameron did. I was buying us Aloha shirts for little beach…

alien orbs..what
I can recall cleaning bathrooms and sweeping floors after renting out ice skates and penguin sleds for a season at the Queenstown ice arena. It was an truly amazing job, I was able to play puck everyday. I only slept through one skating lesson, Ted is still pissed at me for that morning, lucky I woke up for the second session; also the two Graham’s were the best bosses I have ever had. Dan even let me help him write radio ads and pass out free entry’s to nice smiles in the park on slow days.


The other activities were simply trade offs for being able to stream Wild games, meeting excellent travelers (I was a reliable tour guide around the 42 pubs in that mountain village), and the opportunity to teach elementary classes how to skate. Ice skating was a six week mandatory course for each school in the area, we asked the parents to sit far away so the kids wouldn’t cry when they fell. They were all wearing helmets and law suits are not a problem in New Zealand, there is a law respecting personal responsibility. We recommended helmets to everyone new to the arena anyways, especially when they lied about their skate size. I could tell from behind the counter from the tone of their confidence. Mostly I would just quietly slide them the right size, unless they forgot to say please. It was an extra step to give them another pair once they figured this out.


I even got one more shift of actual puck, I have wished for that since I hung up the wheels at 18. In retrospect, I should have wished for a season… This photo is accurately displaying my ice time that weekend. If you can find me in the back row. I did have one breakaway, well almost, I forgot to bring the rubber with me after pulling one wide of the last Kiwi in my way. Still training for another shot at making the Skycity Stampede. The boys are back to back Bergil Cup champs since I showed Mike McCrae (NZIHL all time leading scorer) how to backcheck in 2014, beat him a bunch at posts and darts that year too… He might have gotten me left handed at billiards one time, it came down to bad timing really.

ice blacks

When adventuring it is important to be flexible with about everything. I was trained in at more than 15 jobs. Also, essential to take pride in one’s work because there were so many others that had to leave the places I stayed for work in cities somewhere.
A stable place to live and some employment with a potential to save some money could be a good thing. Thanks for finding a lease on this spot Dani Justice and Straycat for passing up your room in the shack!

I am currently seeking out 9 to 5 employment for stability, although if I found a solid Bartending position it would actually earn me more per 60 minutes in less hours labored. The extra time I have can be utilized for advancing my goals in entrepreneurship. This soap company is not going to build itself.

An issue I run into with hospitality is simply the hours lead to only really being free to socialize with other Hospo workers. This is a large sacrifice for me, since most of the people I know work 9-5’s as well. I am currently seeking a position in Social Media, otherwise a job making cocktails at the Foshay Tower would help me stack up enough to start making lye again. I have been up there four times by tomorrow evening they might even hire me or at least ask me to stop coming back.

It might be simpler to just ask people for money, flying signs on the highway can pay up to $300 a day. At least that is what the Dirt Gang I kicked it with last week in Dinkytown told me. Personally, I have had an aversion to the idea of crowd funding since I watched a couple of cheesy videos on Kickstarter produced by some blonde girls that were receiving money for nothing. I am now filming my own, as a utility to get my secret soap recipe on the market, although I might advertise for a better website. Please stay tuned, as I will need your help! Well, unless I get a job first.
The real challenge is creating income out of thin air. Once rolling momentum makes things simpler, possibly it is simply just conditioning. The more I go to work, the more tolerable it is to go to work. I can’t help but think about the possibility other employment opportunities may be more lucrative than Monday and Tuesday nights for minimum wage and maximum taxes at a Latin Bistro.
I did make about $39.69 in tips tonight and the people that came in were very solid individuals. We discussed important things relating to upcoming medical possibilities and eastern philosophy on healing more naturally. Ruth even told me about the meme she saw today, it was dollar bills inside of orange prescription pill bottles. She said it relates to the way doctors incentives fall in line with pharmaceutical incentives. The more they prescribe, the more they are paid.


prescription drugs I don’t really understand, I thought we were all just trying to care for patients and get them the medicine they need; like benzodiazepines. Then I spend a weekend learning about addiction at Hazeldine only to find out people have had symptoms relating to Valium and other anti-depressants leading to blacking out years of their lives and savage stories of recovery after losing touch with their psychiatrist’s recommended doses. It could have something to do with psychiatrist’s losing touch with their customers tolerance. Glad we have insurance companies footing most of the bill, or do they? Research and development of these science experiments is expensive.
I question parents decisions to purchase their middle schoolers Ritalin, Concerta and Adderall. I would suggest their kids go for a run, drink twice as much water, mix in a salad, maybe even a novel. They are 12, relax, not every child succeeds in conventional education. Although, those extended release capsules worked wonders during finals week. My K/D ratio on Halo improved greatly as well. I remember it taking me about to years to recapture my comprehension and focus abilities after college without their performance enhancement.

Personally, I believe in essential oils, fruits, vegetables, drinking pure water, well at least fluoride free; the word begins with sickness. In my personal findings, a positive attitude and daily exercise does wonders for a person. Well, 8 hours of sleep is important for me to remain sharp and calm as well. I am studying to be a soap doctor, the degree costs less. Half Barrel Farms is going to keep recommendations on a 101. I would like to afford a trip back to Queenstown to see all the Fam there. Thanks for this weekend boat trip Twin Sutherlands!


“It is better to travel well than to arrive.” – Buddha

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