Karl Becker and Red Sweaters


It seems to me we live in a world dependent on creating excess labor. People work more than they need to, because the inefficiencies we allow demand this principle. When I contemplate society it is amazing to me how un-empathetic many human beings have become. I understand money affords the freedom to attain things others cannot. What confuses me is the fact that working 70 hours a week in order to spend excess income on overpriced suits, cars, phones, watches, bottles at dance clubs, $10K limo rides from airports and $30 million homes are positive attributes to strive towards in our popular culture.

Why do we care which rich or famous personality is buying Nike Air Max’s on snapchat? I also suspect Gucci Mane didn’t actually exchange any of his cash for the price tags featured on Gucci’s website and I’m sure Stadium Good’s marketing media for some time to come. This kind of advertising is worth giving away some kicks purchased from China’s factories likely marked up 150-200% by the retailer on Howard Street in NYC.


I was waiting tables during the latest installment of live political reality television, although it is easy to find replays and summary’s across youtube and social media. From what I have gathered someone named Ken Bone wore a red sweater and if a guy watches until the end Karl Becker asks a famous road trip question. Typically, this one was directed at me a my sister arguing in the backseat from our mother. I think I was 11 when she would ask us to say one nice thing about each other and insist we hold hands. I’m glad this applies to our Democratic and Republican party nominee’s. Anderson Cooper and a lady with a less memorable hair-style saved the best query for last. Thank you Karl Becker, at least they shook hands once. I was inspired by our candidates brevity in their final answers…


Well, at least motivated enough to write something about the upcoming election. It took me 30 minutes to discover Hilary and the Donald’s responses to sustainable energy. To save you time I have composed a youtube video showing the last 8 minutes of this weeks Town Hall Debate. Enjoy.

Ken Bone and Karl Becker’s Queries

Speaking first on the subject Trump uses a word “re-jiggering” following this up with “Now I’m all for alternative forms of energy, including wind, including solar, etcetera.” He quickly digressed backwards in carbon emissions covering his ability to settle our $20 trillion debt by promising to rebuild our clean coal and natural gas energy companies explaining “They will make money, they will pay off our national debt…”

The day any privately held energy company decides to settle our national debt will be a bright one. I would put my eggs in Elon Musk’s basket as our deserts have unlimited sunlight and the cost of solar panels is steadily falling while their efficiency rises. Hilary’s rebuttal was uplifting in her compassion for American miners. Citing the sacrifices made by their grandfathers and fathers who died for our power grids. It would be rude to snatch this opportunity from their son’s and daughter’s  as they have earned chances to work in the same hazardous environments.


How long does this charade last? We will never pay back China, and until we do I will stick stringently to my lack of student loan payments. In four and 1/2 years since graduation I have never missed one; I have also never made one. I am happy to explain the process to anyone who desires to boycott their own. I feel if billionaires such as the D and other wealthy people can file for bankruptcy on debt they can afford (Donald’s $960 million write off was cited in the debate). I will skip making crippling monthly payments on an education that seated me $69,000.00 in debt by the age of 22.


Donald justified his evasion seamlessly with a personal attack on Clinton’s ability and choice to avoid the closure of “corporate loopholes,” textbook. Her inadequacy to single handedly achieve this as a senator was founded on slippery slopes at best. Which is similar to the traction gained with our bi-partisan voting of 100 senators elected through the monetary aid of the lobbyists they adhere to. This isn’t saying I believe she is trustworthy either, more of a process of elimination situation.

I will most likely plead the fifth in this years election as I am aversive to waiting in lines, dislike biking miles to polling centers in November and most importantly would prefer not to have anyone look into my lack of tax returns for three years (I was out of the country and am actively seeking sufficient employment). Just kidding, I paid them; however, I would prefer not to prove this either, you can see them when I see the emails and Trump’s taxes. Okay, I will vote.

George Carlin on Voting

In accordance with 70% of the information covered in this week’s debate: I am concerned about isolated terrorist incidences in and around Islamic states, building walls, limiting Syrians and signing defense contracts so we can centralize banking structures in the middle east while obtaining affordable oil so we can tax energy while creating shitty inefficient jobs that no one wants to work in an effort to lower people’s happiness level before we cause sickness to them via healthcare structures formulated to profit pharmaceutical companies so they can afford to charge insanely over-evaluated R&D fees in order to release the latest prescription drugs for hypochondriacs stressed out and sick due to the aforementioned; after, of course, scientists in China, India and likely USA, fabricate these studies justifying the release of laboratory developed base ingredients.

“Along with India, China is one of the top two producers of base ingredients for drugs in the world, according to the U.S. Institute of Medicine; the FDA has made inspections there a priority to keep patients safe.” –Bloomberg

Bloomberg covers Hisun Pharma

I vote for solar power, public transportation, organic gardening allowances, a reset of financial and fiscal responsibilities, people quitting their jobs at financial corporations and banking institutions creating imaginary numbers and profit/loss statements, dependency on inflated material status symbols, legalization of marijuana, friendship, LGBT anything, feminism, planned parenthood, efficient corporations, decreased dependency on goods produced by children and sold for a dollar at the Walton family’s general store and a rap song called “Grab em’ by the Rothschild’s.”


Solar City (Elon Musk, the developer of Paypal, Tesla Automobiles, Space X)

Here’s to FREE SOAP and drinking like it is a bud light commercial about the election, neither one of these puppets dancing on strings will solve the future until we make changes in our daily lives. Find a passion, stop doing things we hate, reduce waste and turn off all the commercials (they will only make you feel fat). This being said I am hopeful everyday, spread smiles not wars.


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